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Are you looking for a reliable headset for your ICE recumbent trike or another bike with a 1 inch head tube? Then we have the solution for you: the FSA Ahead headset. This headset is specially designed for installation in ICE recumbent tricycles and fits perfectly with all ICE models. If you are looking for spare parts for your recumbent, then you should visit the ICLETTA recumbent webshop. Here you will find high-quality products that are specially tailored to the needs of recumbent cyclists.

With the FSA Ahead headset you ensure stable and efficient steering, which gives you a safe and comfortable driving experience on all journeys. The robust design and precise processing guarantee a long service life and reliable use even under demanding conditions.

Discover the extensive range of recumbent bike parts and accessories in the ICLETTA recumbent bike web shop. It doesn't matter whether you are looking for a new headset, a chain idler or other spare parts - you will find it here. Order your FSA Ahead headset for your ICE Trike now and benefit from the high quality and reliability of this product.