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Due to the seating position while riding an a recumbent in cold wind or rain, the legs and especially the exposed feet are very quickly cold and wet. It is much more pleasant to ride with a weather fairing from T-Cycle. This protects against wind, rain or snow and the rider needs to pack less rainwear. SPRING is the perfect remedy against cold feet and WINTR even covers the legs. Due to the well thought-out mounts, our fairings can be removed within seconds and the windshield can be stored rolled up. So you can decide from day to day if you need the fairing or not. Suitable for many different recumbent bikes with or without e-assist.

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In the front fairing category you will find front fairings SPRING and WINTR.

The front fairing SPRING is compact and protects the feet facing forward on a recumbent from cold wind and rain. Due to the very low weight, the weight distribution of the bike remains unchanged.

With its small dimensions, the SPRING front fairing can be used all year round and even strong side winds cannot harm it.

The WINTR front fairing reliably protects the driver from cold wind and rain up to the waistband. This means that with the WINTR front fairing and a rain jacket you are completely protected from the rain and can use your recumbent bike all year round, even on rainy days. In summer, it compensates for temperature differences when driving uphill and downhill, thus saving you from having to put on and take off additional clothing. A unique feature of the WINTR front fairing is the folding mechanism. The windshield of the front fairing is folded forward and you can get on and off your bike as usual.
Another unique selling point is the attachment to the frame. Both front fairings are attached to the frame tube with a sturdy aluminum clamp. If the front panel is not needed for a longer period of time, it can be removed with two screws. With the purchase of a second frame clamp, a front fairing can also be used alternately on two different recumbents.

For space-saving storage, the disc can also be stored rolled up in the optionally available protective cover for a longer period of time. Furthermore, attachments for mounting mirrors and headlights on the left and right are available as accessories.
Both front fairings are equipped with a folding joint for easy mounting and dismounting. The attachment to the recumbent and tricycle is simple and uncomplicated and is done with band clamps on the main frame.

Suitable for recumbent bikes and tricycles from the brands ICE, Catrike, Challenge, HP Velotechnik, Steintrikes, Anthrotech, TerraTrike, Azub, KMX

The Windwrap front fairing XT can be ridden all year round and is the perfect solution for minimalists. It is small, light, aerodynamically shaped and optimally protects the feet from rain and cold wind. For recumbent bikes with a high bottom bracket, it is often the only suitable fairing.

Suitable for Hase, Azub, Toxy, Optima, Challenge M5, ICE, HP Velotechnik Gekko and Scorpion, Catrike, KMX, Steintrike