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For road safety, many recumbent cyclists value good visibility.
Due to the design, you have a good view over your shoulder on a trike, similar to a car. But compared to the conventional bicycle, you cannot rotate your entire upper body backwards. A good mirror is all the more important. Preferably two of them on a recumbent bike.

But which mirror is the best for a recumbent? After some searching we ended up at Mirrycle. We met Barry Schacht, the owner of Mirrycle, at Interbike in the USA. He explained to us the special features of the mirror he had developed. The mirror glass measures an impressive 75 mm in diameter. Its mounting arms are made of robust polycarbonate and are completely screwed together. The 3 mm Allen key required for assembly is included. You can use it to tighten every connection so that the mirror does not vibrate when driving, but can still be adjusted. You can align the mirror in the desired position at any time or it can also be folded in for transporting the trike.

Actually perfect. But then why isn't this mirror mounted on every wheel? The downside of bolting on a traditional bike is that the mirror won't budge if it falls over. In such a case, the mirror either breaks off or the mirror glass breaks.
So many then reach for a mirror with a small diameter and a ball head. But a recumbent doesn't fall over and that's why the Mirrycle is the perfect solution for us trike drivers for optimal all-round visibility.

The Mirrycle mirror is suitable for all recumbent models and tricycle models such as ICE, HP Velotechnik, Hase, AZUB, Steintrike and many more.