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Mirror Mirrycle Mountain

Mirror Mirrycle Mountain

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  • wide mirror with 75 mm diameter
  • all rotary joints are secured with robust bolts which prevent
  • vibrations while riding
  • all parts made of high quality polycarbonate for long durability
  • for transportation, the mirror can be conveniently folded to the inside
  • Weight: 136 g
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For safety on the road, many recumbent cyclists and trike riders value good vision and visibility so that they do not overlook anything in road traffic or are not overlooked by other road users and cars themselves due to the low seating position of the recumbent bike or recumbent trike.
In addition to a clearly visible flag, the safety equipment includes mirrors so that you have an all-round view of the traffic situation. The Mirrycle Mountain mirror attaches to a the ends of the handlebars or if the ends of the handlebars are already occupied by bar-end shifters it can attached to a special mirror mount.
The large inner tube clamping range of 15.5 - 22.5 mm is covered by two enclosed wedges with different diameters. Thanks to the bolted construction, the mirror can be adjusted vertically and horizontally and clamped with low vibration.
The mirror glass measures an impressive 75 mm in diameter. The mirror and its mounting arms are made of robust polycarbonate. The 3 mm Allen key required for assembly is already included in the scope of delivery.