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    ICLETTA has been supplying customers throughout Europe with authentic recumbent accessories for over 15 years. Incoming orders are usually shipped the following day. Custom-made products, such as wheels, increase the shipping time. We ship exclusively as a DHL postal package.

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  • In the ICLETTA webshop you will find a large selection of spare parts and accessories for your recumbent bike with over 200 items, from bearings to fairings. With our high-quality accessories, we offer you precisely machined detailed solutions. We have more than 20 years of industry experience and we know all our suppliers personally. We have been operating our recumbent webshop for over 15 years and ship safely, quickly and reliably throughout Europe from our on-site warehouse in Weiterstadt.

  • We are Europe's largest webshop for ICE recumbent accessories and spare parts. We already have over 100 ICE items in stock and expand our range regularly. In many cases new components are also suitable for older recumbent models and we keep the spare parts supply available for you as long as possible. So if you should ever miss something, contact us and we will add the matching product to our range.
  • Our versatile T-Cycle recumbent accessories are designed for anyone who rides a recumbent bike or trike. As the exclusive distributor for T-Cycle recumbent accessories throughout Europe, we offer chain idlers, weather protection fairings, battery mounts, accessory mounts, flags and much more. All manufactured in the bike city of Portland. We always strive to provide the matching solution for your recumbent. Contact us if you have any questions about compatibility with your recumbent or if you are missing something.
  • If you have ever shopped with us, you may have noticed that you have received a second hand carton. We mainly use cartons from our upstream suppliers for our shipping. Most cartons have not reached the end of their life cycle after being used once. We try to extend the life of the cartons and continue to use packaging materials as long as possible for the sake of the environment. We will be glad if you also find a use for the packaging material again. In this way we're saving resources together.