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Pedal Swing T-Cycle

Pedal Swing T-Cycle

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  • Reduces the motion of one leg during pedaling
  • Hole distance center to center 45-65-85 mm
  • Relieves the knee
  • Can be used with the T-Cycle Crank Shortener
  • Single side use only
  • Weights: 175 g / 175 g
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The TerraCycle pedal swing arm reduces the range of motion of the leg during pedaling. This protects the supported knee joint, while the other leg can pedal as usual. So you get the opportunity to relieve the knee while cycling and continue to stay mobile with your bike. The mounting bolt fits to the pedal mount of the crank arm and the pedal fits to one of the three holes on the pedal swing arm. The hole distances from the center of the mounting bolt to the center of the holes are 45 mm, 65 mm and 85 mm.

The TerraCycle pedal swing arm be combined with the separately available TerraCycle crank shortener.