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Why do we use Remerx rims on our ICE trikes? The number of rim manufacturers in Germany is very manageable.
In addition, there are only a few manufacturers who specialize in 20 inch rims. 20-inch wheels are often only found on children's bikes, and they are usually of inferior quality.
After a long research we decided on the company Remerx from the Czech Republic. They manufacture high-quality 20 inch rims and optically matching 26 inch rear wheel rims especially for our trikes.
The aerodynamic shape of the hollow chamber profile underlines the sporty character of our trikes. Remerx rims are not the lightest on the market, but they are very durable and robust.
On a trike, the wheels are subjected to greater loads when cornering compared to a conventional bicycle. That's why our rims always have 36 holes for additional stability instead of the usual 32 holes. And if you look closely at the rims, you will notice a special feature: the rim joint and the spoke holes are colored completely black. This is because the rims are only coated after manufacture.
For cost reasons, often only the extruded profile is coated, which then means that the bare aluminum is visible on the rim joint and the rim holes. We were also convinced of the short transport route within Europe, so no container with a few stacks of rims and otherwise only filled with air has to travel halfway around the world.