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Mirror Busch & Müller 701

Mirror Busch & Müller 701

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  • For 17.2-22 mm inner diameter handlebars
  • Tool-free adjustment via ball joint
  • No vibration
  • Weights: 125 g / 125 g
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The Busch and Müller 701 bicycle mirror is a well thought-out mirror that offers an excellent rear view. Its glass offers an enlarged rearward viewing angle and the low-vibration mount guarantees a clear image while riding. The stable inner clamp made of aluminum is suitable for inner handlebar diameters of 17.2 to 22 mm. The mirror can be folded both forwards and backwards and snaps back into its original position when folded out again. Its ball joint, protected by a rubber boot, enables tool-free adjustment. The Busch and Müller 701 bicycle mirror is very easy to mount with the T-Cycle Accessory Mount for handlebars or the ICE accessory holder.

The "E" mark (European test mark) also allows the Busch & Müller 701 mirror to be installed onto fast e-bikes.