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Fairing polishing kit T-Cycle

Fairing polishing kit T-Cycle

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  • Fairing Polish kit consisting of:
  • Plastic Polish 60 ml
  • Scratch Remover 60 ml
  • Heavy Scratch Remover - 2 polishing cloths
  • Weight: 206 g
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The #1 Polish is suitable for finer scratches.

Even deeper scratches can be polished out with the #2 Scratch Remover

Two #3 Heavy Scratch Remover wipes are also included for extra heavy scratches.

The T-Cycle team tested various suppliers of polishing agents and finally decided on this set. It had by far the best results. Scratches and scuffs cannot be avoided in everyday use of the windwrap front panels. However, if a significant number of signs of wear have accumulated, it may be worth giving the entire disc a thorough polish. With the help of a polishing machine, our customers have achieved amazing results and restored relatively dull windows to their former glory.