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Light mount for T-Cycle SPRING fairings

Light mount for T-Cycle SPRING fairings

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  • Light mount for SPRING fairing
  • Can be used on left and right handlebar side
  • Fits all 7/8 inch (22,2 mm) tubes
  • Aluminium, black, weight: 70 g
  • Weight: 106 g
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The light mount attaches next to the fairing. In this way, the headlight does not create reflections on the fairing. The headlight is mounted on the front fairing in such a way that it unfolds its full luminosity on the road and at the same time effectively prevents disturbing reflections. The headlight holder can also be used to mount a mirror bar end mount. Mounting the headlight holder with the double clamps of the Cockpit Mount is easy and the strength and durability of the clamping is extremely high. The light mount can also be used to fit any other handlebar accessories.