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In the category of accessory mounts you will find a wide range of mounting solutions, allowing you to mount mirrors, displays, smartphones or GPS devices securely on the handlebars of your recumbent. The Cockpit Mount family offers versatile accessory mounts, designed especially for under-seat steering. Additionally, the Accessory Mount product range lets you mount electronic devices on the frame. And if you want to attach water bottles, headlights, taillights or a computer sensor to your recumbent, you will also find the right component here.

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Discover the extensive selection of high-quality fastening solutions for your recumbent bike!

With our accessory holders, you can easily and securely attach mirrors, displays, smartphones or GPS devices to the handlebars of your recumbent bike. Whether you're going for a bike ride or just want to take a quick ride around town, our mounting solutions will keep your electronic devices stable on the handlebars of your recumbent.

In the ICLETTA webshop we offer the cockpit mount family from T-Cycle, TerraCycle from Portland, Oregon, especially for under-traffic bikes.
With these accessory holders you can attach various electronic devices to your lower handlebars and always have an optimal view of your gadgets.

And for mounting electronic devices on the frame, we have the accessory mounts on offer. These mounting solutions allow you to securely attach your electronic devices to the frame without them getting in the way.

We also have the right component for your recumbent for other components such as drinking bottles, headlights, rear lights or computer sensors. Our mounting solutions are made from high-quality materials and offer a safe and reliable mounting for your equipment.

Whether you are an experienced recumbent rider or just starting out in recumbent riding, our mounting solutions will make your ride even more enjoyable and safe.