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Handlebar Extension ICE 40 mm

Handlebar Extension ICE 40 mm

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  • Extends the handlebar by 40 mm
  • Material: black anodised aluminium
  • Can be mounted on both sides
  • Weights: 27 g / 27 g
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The ICE handlebar extension increases the mounting space of the ICE handlebars by 40 mm. This way, mounts like the ICE accessory mount can be attached above the grip. The control elements of e-assist systems also find their place here and are thus particularly ergonomic to operate. The ICE handlebar extension can be installed on both sides.

The handlebar extension has to be installed with 2 component epoxy adhesive, which can be optionally purchased.

If you want to extend a handlebar to which the shifting grip of a Rohloff gear hub is mounted, you need a clamping ring for handlebar grips, which will prevent pulling apart the twist grip. In our current ICE Trike models, this clamping ring is already installed as standard.