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Inspired Cycle Engineering from Cornwall, England, is a respected specialist in the development and production of high-quality, innovative recumbent trikes.

The history of ICE began in 1986 when pioneer Peter Ross introduced the first trike, which at the time was strongly geared towards sporty racing use. A decade later, trike-obsessed mechanical engineers Chris Parker and Neil Selwood brought their expertise to the ever-growing production. In 1999, they took over the company founded by Peter Ross and gave it the beautiful name ICE - Inspired Cycle Engineering.

The ICE team has developed many specialty recumbent solutions that have since become the industry standard.

Since then ICE has continuously improved and developed its recumbent trikes. The traditional English frame construction is clearly reflected in the design of the ICE VTX, ICE Sprint X, ICE Adventure, ICE Adventure HD and ICE FULL FAT models. The trikes do not only look great, but also offer an incomparable riding experience thanks to their balanced handling. ICE recumbents are among the most sophisticated on the market today and are appreciated by connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike.

A popular location for test rides and photo shoots is Dartmoor National Park, also known from the old Edgar Wallace movies.

Headquartered on the Tregoniggie industrial estate near Falmouth, the company employs 30 people and builds and ships around 2000 trikes worldwide every year. Some parts are still built on site such as the Air Pro Harshell seat.

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Production is carried out by hand by a small team that is particularly experienced with composite fiber materials. Each individual Air Pro hardshell seat takes four to five hours of intensive manual work and the production process takes several days.

ICE exhibits at the SPEZI trade fair in Lauchringen and the Eurobike in Frankfurt

ICE is constantly working on further developing innovative solutions for mobility on three wheels.

Expedition to the South Pole with the Polar Trike

ICE Polar Trike in the Guinness Book of Records: Maria Leijerstam is the first person to conquer the South Pole on a bicycle!

Time and again, people have attempted to reach the South Pole with muscle-powered vehicles, but these expeditions had often failed due to the choice of vehicle. A conventional bicycle with so-called fatbike tires had been used, but it sank too deep into the snow and could not provide enough stability in snowdrifts or strong crosswinds.

The ICE expedition trike

It took over a hundred years for the idea to emerge that a multi-track bike might be more suitable. Maria Leijerstam was the first person to reach the South Pole on a recumbent trike specially designed for her. The engineers at ICE developed a recumbent for extreme conditions in the Antarctic. With wide fatbike tires and a stable construction, it was able to cope with the adverse conditions.

Maria Leijerstam on the way to the South Pole

Maria and her team prepared for two years and finally reached the finish line on December 27, 2013 after 10 days, 14 hours and 56 minutes. She was entered into the Guinness Book of Records for her achievement and was awarded the title "First person in the world to cycle the entire way to the South Pole". After her return, ICE presented the Polar Trike expedition vehicle to the public and developed the ICE FULL FAT recumbent trike with fat-tires in response to the wide interest. It is particularly pleasing that two ICE FULL FAT recumbent trikes have now returned to the South Pole and are being used by the researchers at the Neumayer III Station.

The ICE FULL FAT in the services of polar research


In cooperation with ICE, we at ICLETTA are the leading distributor of ICE recumbent accessories and spare parts throughout Europe. Our stock already includes more than 100 different ICE products, and we are constantly working to expand our range and keep it up to date. We pay particular attention to ensuring that many of our new parts are also suitable for older recumbent models. We understand the importance of spare parts supply for the longevity of recumbents and do everything we can to keep them available for as long as possible. Some accessories such as the accessory and mirror mount also fit recumbent trikes from other manufacturers, while spare parts such as wheels , axles , hubs and seats can also be well suited for DIY-builders.