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ICLETTA Liegerad Zubehör

Brake lever with locking function, black

Brake lever with locking function, black

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  • Locking function
  • Adjustable cable tension
  • Compatible with mechanical disc and V-brake style linear pull bicycle brakes
  • Black body and lever
  • Weights: 108 g / 108 g
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Due to its locking function, this brake lever is ideal for use as a parking brake lever.

If the lever is required for mounting on a conventional, upright two-wheeler and the locking button should be on the top, please choose between left and right as usual.

If you want to use the lever on a trike or recumbent with under-steering (e.g. all ICE trike models) and would like the locking knob to be on the outside of the lever, please select the oposingly named version (e.g. "left" instead of "right").