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Mechanical disc brake Callisto mirrored

Mechanical disc brake Callisto mirrored

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  • Mechanical disc brake
  • Mirrored calipers for mirrored king posts
  • Dual piston
  • Generously designed cooling fins
  • Adapter for 160 mm rotor disc included
  • Black
  • Weights: 192 g / 192 g
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The mechanical Callisto disc brakes are mirrored and can be mounted on all ICE trikes with front suspension or on all mirrored kingposts. This adds an additional brake option to the range of brakes for vehicles with mirrored wheel carriers in addition to the existing drum brakes and the Tektro Auriga Twin hydraulic disc brake. It is a double-piston brake with generously designed cooling fins. For correct assignment, the letters L and R for left and right are clearly printed on the side.

Replacement pads are available from Shimano, for example, in the following versions: G03A (resin), G04S (metal), J03A (resin with fins) or J04C (metal with fins).