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ICLETTA Liegerad Zubehör

Brake lever, coupled, with parking brake function

Brake lever, coupled, with parking brake function

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  • Operates two bicycle brakes simultaneously
  • Can be used on front and a rear brake
  • Compatible with drum brakes, mechanical disc and V-brake style
  • linear pull bicycle brakes
  • Forged aluminium construction
  • Locking function
  • Black housing and lever
  • Weights: 134 g / 134 g
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This brake lever is coupled for double pull to operate both front wheel brakes simultaneously with only one lever. This brake lever also has a locking function and thus serves as a parking brake for your trike.

If you plan to use this lver on a trike or recumbent with under seat steering (e.g. all ICE trike models) and want the locking button facing to the outside, please chose the oposingly named side (e.g. "right" instead of "left").