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Helping hands set ICE

Helping hands set ICE

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For ICE recumbent model

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  • Convenient – easier to get in and out of the trike
  • Safe – provides a secure and stable hand-hold
  • Stylish – elegant design blends with the trike
  • Strong – made from 6061 T6 anodised aluminium
  • Weights: 561 g / 561 g / 561 g / 561 g
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These helping hands for the ICE Sprint, ICE Adventure, ICE Adventure HD and ICE  FULL FAT offer additional help when getting on and off your trike. The helping handles are attached directly to the frame and blend in perfectly with the lines of the bike. In addition, they can of course easily be retrofitted to any of the listed ICE trike models. The helping handles are made of high-strength lightweight aluminum 6061 T6. This ensures optimal stability. The steering angle and freedom remain unaffected and the trike can still be folded as usual.