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Rain cover ICE with pouch for all mesh seats

Rain cover ICE with pouch for all mesh seats

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  • For Ergo Flow and Ergo Luxe mesh seat
  • Protects from rain, UV rays and dirt
  • Easily installed with elastic band
  • Integrated weather protection for headrest
  • Easily stowed in the supplied pouch
  • Volume: 1 liter, colour: black
  • Weight: 258 g
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The protective cover reliably protects your Ergo Flow or Ergo Luxe mesh seat from dirt and rain. It keeps the seat clean and dry. The material is water resistant and should be stretched so that raindrops can roll off and water does not collect in depressions. The cover is elastic and quickly and easily stretched around the seat using elastic. Stow it away in the pocket on the seat before setting off. The protective cover is conveniently stowed in the bag provided and is quickly accessible when needed. The bag does not need to be removed. The bag is fitted behind the seat with velcro straps. The velcro straps are inserted into the pre-cut slots of the seat. This way, the bag is firmly attached to the seat and cannot get lost. Other small items, such as clothing, can of course be stored instead of the protective cover. Important items, however, should be safely stored in the zipped pocket in the back of the seat.