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Neck rest ICE for carbon hardshell seat

Neck rest ICE for carbon hardshell seat

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  • Cushion continuously adjustable in height and inclination
  • Cushion tension adjustable via velcro strap
  • Cushion with reflector and washable
  • Frame made of stable aluminium tube with integrated handle for lifting the rear wheel
  • Distance tubular struts: approx. 45 mm matching regular bicycle saddle accessories such as saddlebags
  • Diameter of tubular struts: approx. 8 mm
  • Weight: approx. 190 g
  • Weight: 245 g
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The height and angle of the ergonomic neck rest for the ICE Air Pro hardshell seat can be adjusted. You can adjust the headrest to suit your height and the desired distance from your head. This allows you to precisely adjust the position of the headrest for use with a bicycle helmet.

The neck rest is made of sturdy aluminum tube. This ensures an optimal combination of stability and comfort.

The neck rest mount is designed in such a way that the headrest can be installed quickly with few assembly parts and can be easily adjusted in inclination at any time. The parts are black anodised, CNC milled clamps.

The neck rest is firmly screwed to the seat tube, this effectively prevents the headrest from twisting on the seat tube.

The neck rest pad is removable and washable. An adapter for mounting a rear light is optionally available.

The ICE neck rest pad consists of two parts. The basic element is a heavy-duty commercial belt, which is equipped with a buckle that can be closed with Velcro. With the webbing you can adjust the upholstery tension. If the webbing is pulled taut, the headrest pad becomes a firm, taut support for the head. If a soft, flexible setting for the head pad is desired, the strap can be adjusted looser with a Velcro fastener with less pretension.

The comparatively large neck rest cushion enables the head to be optimally distributed on the cushion. The pad itself consists of a soft foam that offers pleasant comfort. The foam can be easily removed before washing the headrest cushion cover.

The neck rest cushion cover is made of breathable fabric and is attached to the belt with Velcro.

The neck rest pad has a reflector to the rear for optimum safety.

The struts of the neck rest have the same distance from each other as the struts of a bicycle saddle. This makes it possible to mount saddlebags on the headrest.

The headrest features a sturdy grab handle integrated into the headrest frame for lifting and manoeuvring.