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Quick release ICE for Mesh Seat top

Quick release ICE for Mesh Seat top

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  • Quick release for seat mount top
  • High quality finish
  • Fits on TT adapter or seat tube
  • Suitable for all ICE models except ICE VTX
  • Material: steel/aluminum, weight: 89 g, color: silver/black
  • Weight: 92 g
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This quick release developed by ICE attaches the upper seat mount of the mesh seat either to the ICE TT Adapter (ICE Adventure models and ICE FULL FAT) or directly to the seat tube (ICE Sprint models). The quick release is also compatible with the upper seat mount of the hardshell seat on the ICE Sprint X. On a rear-suspension ICE Sprint X with rack it may be the case that the shortest position of the upper seat mount is only available after fully unscrewing the quick release.