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TT adapter ICE

TT adapter ICE

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  • For adjusting the seat angle
  • Fits ICE Sprint Series, ICE Adventure Series, ICE FULL FAT and ICE Q & QNT (up to 2009)
  • Colour: black
  • Comes with the required nuts & bolts
  • Weight: 101 g
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Seat position and seat angle

With your ICE Trike you have the choice between different seat angle positions. In conjunction with the seat adapter and the TT adapter, you can adjust the seat on your ICE recumbent trike flatter or more upright. 

With the ICE Sprint series, the seat can be moved closer to the rear wheel when utilising the FB and TT adapter. This shifts the driver's weight to the rear and additionally increases the traction of the rear wheel. The tire has better grip on the ground and tends to spin even less in wet and loose ground. 

The TT adapter is installed ex works on the ICE Adventure, ICE Adventure HD and ICE FULL FAT