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Bottle set Klickfix for recumbents and trikes

Bottle set Klickfix for recumbents and trikes

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  • Water bottle holder set with quick release function
  • Comes with two bottles with 650ml capacity each.
  • Fits ICE mesh seats or ICE hardshell seats
  • Weights: 344 g / 344 g

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To conveniently transport drinks and water bottles, recumbent riders can easily mount this drinking system with 2 drinking bottles to their seat. This way, their water bottles will always be at hand while riding.
The water bottle set for the hard shell seat is equipped with: Two Zefal drinking bottles 650 ml, Zefal drinking bottle mounts and two pairs of fastening bolts each including black anodised cone washers and washers.

The drinking bottle set for the mesh seat is equipped with: Removable Bottleklick Klickfix adapters. Any other recumbent accessory with a Klickfix adapter could be clicked in here. Also, if necessary, the drinking bottle mounts can simply be removed this way. And all this without the use of tools.