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Parking brake set V-brake

Parking brake set V-brake

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  • For recumbent rear wheel
  • Complete set for retrofitting:
  • Brake lever with locking mechanism
  • V-brake with brake pads
  • Cable housing & liner
  • Endcap with flexpipe
  • Weight: 408 g
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A trike stands on three wheels and can thus roll away unintentionally. With a parking brake the rear wheel can be blocked and thus prevented from rolling away. The basis for the parking brake is the Tektro V-Brake. It ensures that your trike is permanently parked in the desired place. The parking brake is operated by a thumb lever. The parking brake fits all trikes from Anthrotech, Azub, HP Velotechnik, ICE, Steintrike and other Tadpole models with two wheels in the front and one wheel in the rear.

All small parts to attach brake levers and brake arms with brake pads to your trike are included. The length of the brake cable housing should be sufficient for trikes with a longer distance between brake lever and brake as well.

If your trike does not have a V-brake socket screwed in, you can order one as an option.