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Sturmey Archer

Front hub Sturmey Archer HSB500 for drum brake

Front hub Sturmey Archer HSB500 for drum brake

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  • Front hub shell for single sided mounting XYZ
  • 36 hole version
  • Colour: black
  • Weight: 371 g
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Sturmey Archer front hub HSB500 for single sided suspension.

The advantage of drum brakes is that the system is completely sealed and protected from external influences. Water and dirt have no effect on braking performance and the system remains virtually maintenance-free. If a covering needs to be changed due to intensive use, you will find all the necessary spare parts in our range. The hub runs on easily exchangeable industrial bearings and can be used with both front suspension and rigid steering knuckles. In addition, with the Sturmey Archer hub dynamo, you have the option of accommodating your power generation in the sealed hub in addition to the front wheel brake. This means that two important functions of your recumbent trike are always reliable and ready for use, regardless of the weather conditions.

Sturmey Archer is a traditional manufacturer of gear hubs for bicycles. The foundation stone for the company was laid in Nottingham, England, in 1902 when Sir Frank Bowden commissioned the teacher Henry Sturmey and the engineer James Archer to produce shifting hubs for his Bowden bicycles together. After a long and successful company history, the company was taken over by SunRace in 2002 and production was relocated to Taiwan, which further increased the quality of the products.