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Adapter shelf for T-Cycle battery mount

Adapter shelf for T-Cycle battery mount

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  • Adapter shelf 12 inch x 4 inch for the T-Cycle universal battery mount
  • For fastening large volume batteries
  • Dimensions: 290 mm x 102 mm
  • The universal battery mount fits almost all recumbents and recumbent trikes
  • Weight: 380 g
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This adapter shelf is a 290mm x 102mm platform for larger batteries that attaches directly to the T-Cycle Battery Holder Universal. The plate has numerous mounting holes specifically for mounting BionX, Falco and Shimano batteries. It is also suitable for large block batteries.

The adapter shelf is attached to the universal battery holder with 4 screws (included in delivery). T-Cycle also offers a separate mounting rail for the special down tube version of the Shimano Steps batteries. Depending on the hole spacing, other types of battery mounts could also be mounted.