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Extender T-Cycle to lengthen or shorten the chain guide

Extender T-Cycle to lengthen or shorten the chain guide

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  • Extender for larger (23 tooth) or smaller (13 and 14 tooth) idlers.
  • Adapts standard T-Cycle chain guide Material: Steel
  • Not required for 15 tooth and 70 mm diameter chain idlers
  • Weight: 8 g
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The standard chain guide is designed for chain idlers with 15 teeth and a diameter of 70 mm. With this extender it can be expanded for larger rolls. 

Other chain guide parts are not part of the product offer.

About the manufacturer: T-Cycle from Portland, Oregon makes high-quality recumbent accessories for almost all models in the trike and recumbent world. Whether efficient chain guide rollers, practical accessory mounts or streamlined front panels: At T-Cycle you will only find well thought-out special solutions that are manufactured precisely and with high quality. Due to the constant further development of the products and the specialization in the area of mounts, T-Cycle has long been the first choice when you want to upgrade your recumbent trike.