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Chain idler kit for Surly Big Dummy

Chain idler kit for Surly Big Dummy

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  • Avoids bashing of the chain on the frame
  • Avoids marks on the mud guards
  • Keeps chain clean
  • improves power transmission
  • reduces noise emissions
  • Weights: 245 g / 215 g / 240 g / 210 g
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The T-Cycle chain idler set for the Surly Big Dummy consists of a power and return idler and a chain guide made of stainless steel. The frame clamp was specially developed for the Big Dummy and fits perfectly onto its unique diagonal frame tube. Equipped with this, the power transmission is noticeably increased and the noise development of the chain is almost eliminated. The T-Cycle chain idlers effectively prevent the chain from hitting the frame and ensure that the chain stays cleaner longer by raising the chain line off the ground.