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Chain idler T-Cycle ELITE

Chain idler T-Cycle ELITE

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  • 15 or 23 tooth titanium cog
  • Diameter: 70 mm or 100 mm
  • Width: 16 mm
  • Inside diameter: 8 mm, 10 mm or 12 mm
  • Bearings: hybrid ceramic
  • Cog: 6AI/4V titan, CNC machined
  • Carrier: 7075 aluminium, CNC machined, anodized
  • Side plates: 7075 aluminium, CNC machined, anodized, lasered
  • Bolts: 18/8 stainless
  • Weight: from 85 g
  • Additional accessories for inside diameter 8 mm available:
  • chainkeeper, frame clamps, axle bolts and spacers
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CNC machined chain idlers with minimal tolerances mean more efficient power transmission, less noise and lower vibrations. In the long run, the drive on your recumbent will really benefit from the best idlers available on the market. Due to the longer chain on most recumbents and trikes, it is essential to pay attention to high-quality chain guiding components. Everywhere else in the area of the drive chainrings and sprockets are used. Why should your chain idler be less important? A chain idler without teeth, over which a drive chain is guided, causes more friction and thus a loss of power. This can be seen from the fact that the chain begins to mill deeper and deeper notches into the plastic material of the chain idler. With a very hard plastic, the chain will constantly bounce up and down, even on its way to the rear wheel. A chain has a very specific shape designed to run on a chainring or sprocket. The T-Cycle chain idlers are build with this in mind. They transport the chain of your recumbent bike or trike with a CNC-manufactured cog. In the SPORT version, this cog is made of high-quality 7075 aluminum and in the ELITE version its even made of 6AI/4V titanium.
When deciding between an aluminum or titanium cog, we recommend the titanium cog for strong riders or frequent riders. The aluminum cog offers a long service life, but signs of wear will be visible after several thousand kilometers. We also generally recommend the titanium cog for the small idlers. In addition, T-Cycle generally recommends the titanium cog for trikes, since the chain guide here often tends to put more strain on the idler and thus on the cog. Incidentally, the power transmission from the deep groove ball bearing via the idler body to the cog is completely metal. There are no plastic parts involved from which the cog could tear off.


Information for HP Velotechnik recumbents:
You need a 4mm spacer to mount the chain idler with 23 teeth.