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Comfort headrest T-Cycle Finer Recliner

Comfort headrest T-Cycle Finer Recliner

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  • Very comfortable through ergonomic design and thick padding
  • Universally adjustable
  • Consists of standard 1 inch tubing that can be shortened or exchanged
  • Fits all ICE trikes with Ergo Flow or Ergo Luxe seat
  • Fits the HP Velotechnik Scorpion mesh seat
  • Weights: 473 g / 476 g
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For recumbent pilots who value comfort:

The heart of the Finer Recliner headrest is the anatomically preformed comfort foam. With its U-shape, it offers lateral support for the neck and head, and thanks to the generous material thickness, shocks are successfully absorbed. The upholstery nestles perfectly against the riderr's neck and thus offers a highly comfortable riding experience on three wheels.

The headrest is attached to the horizontal struts of the seat with a CNC-milled clamp with quick-release fastener. To ensure that the Finer Recliner headrest provides support exactly where it is most comfortable for you, the system can be extensively adjusted to the driver's seating position.

The horizontal tube to which the head of the column is attached provides space for rear-facing lighting on either side. Since this is a standard 25.4mm round tube, it can also be easily shortened or replaced if necessary in favor of a slimmer overall look. The cover is of course removable and washable.

The variant for ICE seats is suitable for seat frames with a 1 inch or 25.4 mm tube diameter.

The variant for the HP Velotechnik Scorpion seat is suitable for seat frames with a 5/8 inch or 15.9 mm tube diameter.

The scope of delivery is limited to the headrest including fastening material. The seat and taillights shown are for illustration only and are not part of the offer.