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Flag pole 1/4 inch

Flag pole 1/4 inch

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  • two piece flag pole
  • including saftey clip
  • for Purple Sky flags and other flags
  • length: 178 cm
  • Weight: 121 g
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With a diameter of 6.35 mm, the T-Cycle flag pole is significantly more stable than comparable 6 mm models. Yet it is tapered down only at the bottom end to also fit 6mm flag mounts. A universal clamping system fixes the flag to the tip of the pole without damaging it. Thanks to its two-part construction, the stick is easy to transport. A clever plug-in system guarantees a stable connection of both segments. We recommend the matching T-Cycle universal flag mounts from our webshop. 

If the pole doesn't fit into existing flag mount right away, you can simply remove some material from the lower end.