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Frame quick adjust T-Cycle for recumbents and trikes

Frame quick adjust T-Cycle for recumbents and trikes

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  • Universal chain tensioner
  • Fits many recumbents and recumbent trikes
  • Clamp diameters: 60 mm (Main frame) and 54,2 mm (front boom)
  • Fits HP Velotechnik, Azub, Greenspeed,
  • Performer, Actionbent
  • Weight: 342 g
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With the quick frame adjustment, a recumbent or trike can be adjusted for riders of different heights without having to lengthen or shorten the chain. In this way, several people of different heights can share the use of a trike without major conversion work.

The diameter of the clamps is 60 mm (for the main frame) and 54.2 mm (for the slide-in tube).

If the quick frame adjust is retrofitted to the bike, the chain must be lengthened accordingly or replaced depending on wear.