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Rear Rack T-Cycle for ICE Ergo seat frames

Rear Rack T-Cycle for ICE Ergo seat frames

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  • Light and compact design
  • Mounted in seconds
  • Payload is close to the centre of gravity of the trike
  • Elegant design for sporty trike models
  • 9 kg carrying capacity per side
  • Suitable for ICE trike models with ergo flow or ergo luxe seat
  • Compatible with common bicycle panniers
  • Handmade in Portland
  • Weights: 529 g / 529 g
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The T-Cycle rear rack is the perfect transport solution for anyone who does not need a permanently installed rear rack on their trike. Thanks to its quick-release fastener, the rear rack can be fitted in seconds and is therefore ideal for a spontaneous trip to the bakery, a daring tour in changeable weather or the daily commute to work. The additional load is placed as low and close to the middle of the trike as possible, which is advantageous for the handling of the recumbent trike. The load capacity per side is a full 9 kg, which should be more than enough for most uses.

If you often travel with a little more luggage or want to store the whole week's shopping, it's best to take two elements at the same time in order to be able to use the full 18 kg capacity. The version we offer is designed for the 1 inch round tubes of the ICE Ergo seatframes. If you want to mount this rear rack on a recumbent trike from another manufacturer, please contact us beforehand.