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Seat Side Mount Twin for HP Velotechnik mesh seat

Seat Side Mount Twin for HP Velotechnik mesh seat

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  • Enables mounting multiple handlebar bags to the HP Velotechnik Mesh seat
  • Offers a lot of new mounting space
  • Handlebar bags can be mounted to the left and to the right of the seat
  • Weight: 316 g
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The Seat Side Mount Twin from T-Cycle offers new mounting options for recumbent trike models from HP Velotechnik. Its the perect solution for a wide variety of things that you want to have with you on a trike tour. Twin means you can use its attachment options on either side of the mesh seat. See the videos below. The video also explains how to attach the mount to the seat. In addition to a standard handlebar bag for conventional bikes, the Seat Side Mount Twin also has a place for drinking bottle holders, map holders, photo bags and smartphone holders within rider's reach, which can also be operated while driving.

The Seat Side Mount is based on a 7/8" (22.2 mm) tube diameter and thus corresponds to the classic bicycle handlebar tube diameter. This means that everything that can be attached to a handlebar will also fit the Seat Side Mount. The Seat Side Mount main tube is designed with a bolt for attaching the wire loop for torque support. The combination of tube sections and CNC-milled tube clamps enables a very diverse assembly that is precisely tailored to the needs of the rider. Its the answe for attaching many small things that you want to have at hand while riding quickly and without having to stop awkwardly.

For ICE recumbent tricycles we offer a comparable product under the name "Mount for ICE handlebar bag".

The Seat Side Mount on tour

Seat Side Mount Twin for HP Velotechnik