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Weather protection fairing T-Cycle WINTR

Weather protection fairing T-Cycle WINTR

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This article includes a frame clamp. Under product extensions, select the diameter that suits your wheel. The amount will be waived in the shopping cart.
  • Protects the rider from toe to waist effectively from rain and cold wind
  • Folding mechanism makes mounting and dismounting the trike very convenient
  • Can be easily fitted to many underseat steering trike and recumbent frames with the WINTR clamping mount
  • with the WINTR clamping mount, the windwrap will even provide enough room for a
  • Pinion gearbox or bottom bracket e-assist motor
  • Only two screws need to be loosened for quick unmounting
  • Needs small storing space when not in use
  • Fits on Hase Pino but due to tolerances please measure and send us your front boom frame tube diameter
  • Length and width of the mounted fairing: 110 cm x 50 cm
  • Actual length and width (measured along the bend): 132 cm x 59 cm
  • Fairing weight: 1050g
  • WINTR Mount weight: 1100g
  • Weight: 2450 g
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The WINTR fairing from T-Cycle offers complete leg protection against the cold and wet. Its the ideal wind and weather protection for year-round riders.

The bubble is made of high-quality polycarbonate. It is very transparent, almost free of bubbles and bumps and allows the rider a good view through the front fairing. With a length of well over a meter and side curves pulled far down, it is designed to protect the rider from the feet to the waistband of the jacket. This means even more protection against adverse weather conditions. In this fairing you feel more integrated than just sitting behind it. The bubble can be stored rolled up permanently to save space.

The fairing can be adjusted and fine-tuned and thus optimally fit your individual needs, depending on whether you want to cover the foot area better or put the fairing a little further up.

The front fairing is mounted simply and easily in the area of the bottom bracket using a frame clamp. A major advantage of this attachment is that the entire fairing can be quickly removed with just two clamping bolts. The frame clamp remains mounted on the frame. This allows the fairing to be easily reattached without having to readjust anything.. The mount is dimensioned in such a way that the front fairing can also be attached to bikes with a pinion gearbox or bottom bracket-based E-assist motors such as Shimano Steps. A universal mount using hose clamps is available for unusual frame dimensions or tube shapes. Please select the model that suits you in the selection window.

The fairing is equipped with a joint for easy mounting and dismounting of the rider. The stop for the joint can be adjusted forwards and backwards. This allows the bubble to be flexed forwards and backwards.

Since recumbent trikes with a higher seat (e.g. ICE Seatriser or HP Velotechnik HS Plus seat) have a significantly different seating position, it is possible that the T-Cycle front fairing cannot be adjusted satisfactorily in this case. We therefore advise against installing the front fairing together with a raised seat.

See the official assembly video:

Suitable for many recumbent and trke models such as Catrike, Challenge, HP Velotechnik, Steintrikes, Anthrotech and of course ICE.