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Hub dynamo Schmidt SON XS M

Hub dynamo Schmidt SON XS M

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  • High quality hub dynamo made in germany
  • Comes with pre-installed connector plug
  • Colour: glosssy black
  • Generates 6 volts and 3 watts
  • Weight: 572 g
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The hub dynamo was specially adapted by Schmidt Maschinenbau for the axle mount of the ICE Trikes and is therefore the only way to generate electricity in driving mode regardless of the weather. The ground is soaked after continuous rain or it has snowed? No problem for the SON alternator. It reliably supplies power to all connected devices, it doesn't care if the tyres are dirty with mud or slush. Of course, the hub dynamo primarily supplies power for the headlight and rear light. But the power supply for powerbank, smartphone and navigation device are becoming increasingly important. To connect a charger such as the USB Werk, an additional branch cable is needed, which is placed between the existing plug connection. The plug connection is standard in order to be able to detach the front wheel from the wheel carrier if necessary. For all those who ride long distances or the daily way to work without electric assistance, the SON hub dynamo is an indispensable investment.

Cable connector is included.