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Last but not least, since very high speeds are possible with the recumbent, a reliable brake system that is appropriate to the loads is a basic requirement for a safe recumbent. The ICLETTA web shop offers you various options in this area in order to be able to meet the individual requirement profile of the driver.
Cable brakes are an interesting option for overland trike tours in remote regions of the world
which the supply of spare parts can be difficult. Only a few spare parts are required, which can easily be stowed in your luggage. The repair can normally be done on the go with simple on-board tools.
Disc brakes shine with high braking power and good controllability. Disc brakes are known for their stability on long downhill stretches. A special feature of the TRP Spyke is the
Actuation by double piston. The brake pads are applied to the brakes from both sides during the braking process
disc pressed.