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Accessory Mount T-Cycle for frame tabs

Accessory Mount T-Cycle for frame tabs

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  • Easily retrofitted
  • Made from Aluminium
  • CNC machined
  • Weight: 37 g
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The attachment of headlights, computers, etc. to bicycles, and in particular to recumbent bikes and tricycles, often poses a greater challenge. T-Cycle has developed an extremely stable and lightweight CNC-milled accessory mount made of aluminum 6061, which in this version just once weighs 30g. It is suitable for a range of applications and offers maximum flexibility. The T-Cycle accessory mount is available in different sizes, as well as other add-on parts such as the side extensions.

This T-Cycle accessory mount gets its stability on the one hand from the tongue and groove side panels and on the other hand from a special screw connection (the special mounting nut comes from Germany, by the way). In addition, all metal parts are CNC-milled in T-Cycle's own production facility and are therefore much more sturdy than comparable accessory mounts, which often only consist of stamped sheet metal. This creates a solid, torsion-resistant and vibration-free connection from the bracket on the frame to the attached accessory.