T-Cycle Zubehörhalter


Avid recumbent trike riders know that, depending on the conditions, it can be required to take one hand off the handlebars while riding. Since this is a neccessary action to operate a smartphone or GPS system, it makes particular sense to have these devices mounted within close reach. With our versatile and universally compatible range of accessory mounts, there are almost no limits to the individual set-up of your own trike cockpit. All T-Cycle accessory mounts are made in the USA from sturdy 6061-T6 aluminium.
The Accessory Mount is very versatile and can be attached to water bottle cage mounts or most round tubing. The Cockpit Mount offers plenty of space and flexible positioning for your accessories. The Cockpit Mount Mini family offers accessory mounting space for trikes without bar-end shifters (Mini BE) and with bar-end shifters (Mini BES or Micro). Our remaining Mounts are particularly well suited to be mounted directly onto your handlebars. Specialized accessory mounts, such as for installing lights onto your trike, can be found at the bottom of this page.


  • Curved mounting arms warp around obstacles like cables or other components.
  • Various lengths available
  • Versatile mounting options
  • Mounts vertically or horizontally


  • Width: 30 mm
  • Diameter: 25,4 mm (1 inch)

T-Cycle Accessory Mount Universal

This extremely sturdy and lightweight CNC-milled accessory mount offers a variety of attachment options and weighs just 53 g in the 50 mm x 75 mm version. Despite its versatility, this accessory mount is designed to be rock solid. This is ensured by the tight bolt connections as well as the precisely fitting tongue and groove connection between the arms and the central tube. It is suitable for a range of applications and offers maximum flexibility. The T-Cycle Accessory Mount Universal is available in various sizes, as well as other attachments such as the side extensions and the 90° adapters for mounting on braze-on bosses.
T-Cycle Accessory Mount fitted to braze-on sockets for water bottle cages
The T-Cycle Accessory Mount Universal gets its stability from a whole range of special features. In contrast to conventional accessory mounts, the mounting arms themselves are relatively large, so that the mount cannot twist. In addition, all metal parts are CNC-milled in T-Cycle's own production and are therefore much more stable than comparable accessory mounts, which are often only made of stamped sheet metal.
T-Cycle Accessory Mount fitted to Cateye tube clamps
For this purpose, the mounting clamps are equipped with precisely manufactured inserts on which the retaining arms rest flat. This creates a firm, torsion-resistant and vibration-free connection from the clamp on the trike to the attached accessory.
The T-Cycle Accessory mount can be extended on both sides
For mounting, you can use any tubing in a diameter range of 1/2" and 1 1/4". We offer a wide range of compatible mounting clamps with different diameters. Available in sizes 75/50 mm (55 g), 100/75 mm (60 g) and 100/100 mm (65 g).


  • Offers a lot of mounting space
  • Continuous adjustment of height and viewing angle
  • Narrow 1/2 inch double clamp
  • Threaded connection prevents vibrations


  • Mounting space width: 13 cm
  • Vertical adjustment: 23 cm
  • Standard handlebar diameter 7/8 inch (22,2 mm)
  • Weight: 222 g

T-Cycle Cockpit Mount

The Cockpit Mount is extremely versatile. This is thanks to its joint construction consisting of two mounting clamps connected via 40 mm tubing. This allows the Cockpit Mount to be mounted at any angle on the handlebar, making it a one-size-fits-all solution. The length of the joint is chosen so that there is enough room to operate the brakes and shifters. The height of the cockpit mount can be easily shortened with a pipe cutter if you dont need its full height. Its high stability comes from the sturdy CNC-milled mounting clamps. They are so strong and robust that you could easily lift a complete bike on them and were specially developed for the Cockpit Mount.
The Cockpit Mount is attached below the existing controls, such as gear or brake levers, to any underseat steering handlebar. The mounting clamps with 7/8" inner diameter are only 1/2" wide, so that the Cockpit Mount can be mounted even in very tight spaces. They are open at the front. This means that the cockpit mount can also be easily retrofitted without having to remove components that have already been attached.


  • Optimal mounting position directly in your view
  • No interference with other handlebar components
  • Continuous adjustment of height and viewing angle
  • Easy retrofitting via clamping bolt
  • Mounting method prevents vibrations


  • Standard handlebar diameter 7/8 ich (22,2 mm)
  • Mounting space: 10 cm
  • Vertical adjustment: 6 cm
  • Weight: 113 g

T-Cycle Cockpit Mount Mini BE

The Cockpit Mount Mini BE allows electronic devices to be mounted in the rider's optimal view. In addition, a mirror with a larger field of vision can be attached to the end of the Cockpit Mount Mini BE.
The clever clamping mechanism of the T-Cycle Cockpitmount Mini BE
The Cockpit Mount Mini BE is equipped with a double clamp. One part of the double clamp is mounted securely onto the end of the handlebar. The other part clamps the mounting tube, which slides inside the handlebar. This allows the Cockpit Mount Mini BE to be easily adjusted in height as desired. The clamping force is very strong, so that the Cockpit Mount Mini BE can also be used as a support when getting on and off the bike, or as a relaxing resting place for your hands.


  • Designed for recumbents with bar end shifters
  • Continuously adjustable height and viewing angle
  • Low overall height requires little space on the handlebars
  • Brings mirrors and accessories into optimal position
  • Includes cable guide for bar-end shifter


  • Standard handlebar diameter 7/8 inch (22,2 mm)
  • Pipe length horizontal: 13 cm
  • Vertical adjustment: 11 cm
  • Weight: 140 g

T-Cycle Cockpit Mount Mini BES

Many trike users want to mount their personal accessories within easy reach. But if handlebar end shifters are mounted on the bike, the space for an accessory mount at the upper end of the handlebar is already occupied. The Cockpit Mount TerraCycle Mini BES solves this problem by means of a round recess for the shift cable and thus can be mounted directly under the barend shifter.
The clever clamping mechanism of the T-Cycle Cockpitmount Mini BE
The clamp for the accessory mount is routed forwards and inwards. This, at first glance, unusual layout ensures that the bar end shifter and the brake lever can still be reached without any problems. Your smartphone, navigation system or e-assist display can still be optimally read and operated. Another positive feature of the T-Cycle Cockpit Mount Mini BES is the option to attach a rear mirror, such as for example the Mirrycle mirror. To attach the accessory mount, it is not necessary to disconnect the shifting cable. The bar-end shifter only needs to be slightly removed from the handlebars.



  • Mounts directly onto a Microshift, Shimano or SRAM bar-end shifter
  • Mounting space for small electronic devices or switches for e-assists
  • Ergonomically optimally accessible


  • Lenght 30 mm
  • Standard handlebar diameter 7/8 Inch (22,2 mm)
  • Inner diameter 0.74 Inch (18,9 mm)
  • Weight: 20 g

T-Cycle Cockpit Mount Micro

The Cockpit Mount Micro for bar-end shifters allows for mounting small electronic devices or electric switches of e-assist drives within optimal reach of the rider. This makes it possible to operate these devices without having to take a hand off the handlebars.
The T-Cycle Cockpit Mount Micro can be seamlessly integrated into your bar-end shifter
The Cockpit Mount Micro is available in three versions for bar-end shifters from microSHIFT, Shimano and SRAM. It is the latest addition to the Cockpit Mount family and can be even combined with the Cockpit Mount - The Original and the Cockpit Mount Mini BES.



  • Extra narrow double clamp
  • Easy to retrofit
  • Tubing ist attached via wedge clamp
  • Tubing can be replaced with other variants


  • Standard handlebar diameter 7/8 inch (22,2 mm)
  • Mounting space: 9,5 cm
  • Weight: 89 g

T-Cycle Accessory Mount with Clamp Connector

This accessory mount offers plenty of mounting space that can be used in many different ways. It was developed by T-Cycle for universal handlebar mounting via an extra thin clamp. T-Cycle had noticed that many recumbent cyclists would very much like to mount accessories directly below the handlebar grips. The problem: there is often not much space between the handlebar grips and the brake lever in this area of the handlebar. That is why a double clamp was developed that, at 12.7 mm, is only about half as wide as a conventional clamp. This accessory mount can be used for all kinds of applications. To further maximise the range of applications, the clamp connects to the tubing from the inside. This means that other tubes that are shorter, longer or bent can also be attached to it.
The versatile T-Cycle Accessory Mount
The tubing can be completely custom and can be clamped to the wedge clamp as long as it matches the diameter and wall thickness of a regular handlebar tube.



  • Sturdy doubleclamp
  • Easy to retrofit


  • Standard handlebar diameter 7/8 inch (22,2 mm)
  • Width short tube section: 20 mm
  • Width long tube section: 80 mm
  • Clamp diameter: 22,2 mm
  • Weight: 89 g

ICE Display Mount

This mount was originally developed to be able to attach the displays of the e-assists used by ICE to the handlebars. Of course, this accessory mount is also ideal for holding other accessories or even another accessory mount. With its 22.2 mm diameter, this accessory mount can be attached almost anywhere on the recumbent handlebar. The short end of the mounting tube is closed, the open end with its depth of 75 mm offers the possibility to mount a rear view mirror. Thanks to the two-part clamping mechanism, this mount can also be retrofitted without having to remove other components. Due to its wide clamp, accessories that weigh a little more can also be attached to this ICE mount.



  • Distinct Shape
  • For various handlebar diameters


  • Tube diamter: 22,2 mm
  • Width: 85 mm
  • Mounting space: 70 mm
  • Weight: 73 g

Handlebar Accessory Mount

If you want to attach small and light accessories to your trike or bicycle, this simple accessory mount comes into question. With its particularly narrow clamping surface, it requires little space for installation, and thanks to the two-part clamping mechanism, it can also be retrofitted without having to remove other components. This makes it particularly easy to attach accessories close to the handlebar bend, such as additional rear lights or turn signals. The supplied mounting tube has a diameter of 22.2 mm and thus fits all accessory products intended for handlebar mounting, provided they are relatively light in weight (for heavy accessories we have our range of double clamps and tube connectors (see below)). The diameter of the clamp is 31.8 mm. The scope of delivery includes matching adapter shells for handlebar diameters of 25.4 mm.

Get creative!

If you have not found a suitable solution for your needs among the accessory mounts presented here, our range still offers individual components from which you can assemble your very own accessory mount. For example, you can use the T-Cycle Double Clamps to attach much heavier accessories to your bike. Since the double clamps are also compatible with most accessory mounts, you can also significantly increase the load capacity of a Cockpit Mount Mini, for example. But the possibilities for positioning accessories can also be greatly expanded in this way.

T-Cycle also offers tubing that can connect double clamps to each other or to other accessory mounts. Of course, these can also be shortened to the required length and offer a wide range of mounting options, not only for the T-Cycle Accessory Mount.
For mounting lights or flags on your trike, we offer specialized accessory mounts in our webshop. If the mounting space is too small, the ICE handlebar extension might help:

Will this fit on my trike?

Our accessory mounts are designed to be quite universal and therefore fit most recumbents and trikes. It is best to match the dimensions in our item descriptions with the dimensions on your recumbent. If a product does not fit, you are welcome to send it back to us as long as it is undamaged.
We recommend using a caliper gauge for measuring. Alternatively, you can also print out our paper tube diameter measuring tool and determine the diameter by measuring the circumference of the mounting tube.

With just one click, you can now download our measuring tool and print it out immediately. It's that easy:
  • Click on the button below to open the PDF document.
  • Print out the measuring strip on normal paper in 100% size.
  • Cut it out along the dotted line.
  • Use it as you wish on any round tube!

Note: Please make sure you have set the printer settings to "actual size" or "scale 100%" to get the most accurate measurements. To do this, re-measure the control strip with a conventional ruler after printing.