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Cockpit mount mini BES

Cockpit mount mini BES

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  • Top tube mounting space: 13 cm
  • Vertical adjustability: 11 cm
  • 7/8 inch (22,2mm) standard handle bar tube diameter
  • Made for handlebars with bar end shifters
  • Mounting space can be adjusted in height and angle
  • Slim clamp needs minimal space on the handlebar
  • Includes a cable guide for the bar end shifter cable
  • Mirror and other accessories are in optimal height and distance to the rider
  • Machined from 6061T6 aluminum, anodized black
  • Attaches to every standard handlebar tube
  • Weight: 140 g
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Many trike users want to mount their personal accessories within easy reach. But when bar end shifters are mounted on the bike, the space for an accessory mount like the Cockpit Mount T-Cycle Mini BE is already occupied.
The Cockpit Mount T-Cycle Mini BES solves this problem by means of a round recess for the shifter cable and can thus be mounted directly under the bar end shifter. The bracket for the accessory mount tube is routed forward and inward. This line, which at first glance seems unusual, ensures that the bar-end shifter and brake lever can still be reached without any problems.
Another positive feature of the T-Cycle Cockpit Mount  Mini BES is the provision of an optimal place for mounting the mirror, for example the Mirrycle mirror. Smartphones, navigation systems or e-assist displays can also be optimally read and operated. The T-Cycle Cockpit Mount  Mini BES bracket is CNC machined from 6061 T6 aluminum and features stainless steel socket head screws. The accessory mount tube is machined from aluminum 6061 T4. The bracket can be attached to either end of a standard 7/8" handlebar tube.
To attach the accessory mount, it is not necessary to remove the shift cable from the bar end shifter. The bar-end shifter itself only has to be removed from the handlebars briefly so that the clamp can be attached to the handlebars. But one after anonther:
  1. Lift the rear wheel and, while stationary, pedal into the highest gear in which the bar-end shift lever is vertical. Then stop pedaling and, standing still, push the handlebar shifter forward into a horizontal position. This loosens the pull on the gearing cable, which makes it easier to remove the bar end shifter.
  2. Remove the bar end shift lever using the internal fastening screw.
  3. Now slightly loosen the clamping screw of the handlebar end shifter socket in the handlebar end from above.
  4. Carefully pull the handlebar end shifter socket out of the handlebar end.
  5. Now loosen the two clamping screws of the Cockpit Mount Mini BES and carefully pull the gear cable from the bar end shift lever through and press the gear cable with the gear cable housing into the slot provided.
  6. Then slide the Cockpit Mount Mini BES just over the end of the handlebars. The clamp only requires 13 mm of space on the handlebars! And guide the bar end shifter socket back into the bar end and tighten the clamping screw for the cone clamp again.
  7. Reinstall the bar end shifter on the bar end shifter base.
  8. And now reinsert the two clamping screws of the Cockpit Mount Mini BES, align them in height and angle and tighten them medium-tight.
  9. Mount desired accessories such as mirrors, computers, navigation systems or smartphones. Finished.

Attention: This accessory holder is designed for mounting accessories and lightest possible weight. It is not suitable for taking on heavy loads or steering forces!

If you have any doubts about which version will fit your recumbent, you can print out our measuring tool for round tubes here. If you need an adapter bushing, contact us by e-mail for a custom solution:

Download Measuring Tool for tubing diameter